A better way to run your Thrift Store

Point of Sale. Donation Pickup Scheduling. Timesheets. Drop Off Donation Tracking. All wrapped together in one neat package.


Point of Sale and inventory built for thrift stores

Round up donations on the credit card machine.

Insightful and actionable reporting.

Easy to use - even for volunteers.

Built specifically with thrift and reuse stores in mind.

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Donation Pickup Scheduling

Save staff time - it's a system built for pickup scheduling, not a hacked-together spreadsheet.

Save fuel with pickup zones to cluster pickups and route optimization for optimal driving order.

Improve donor relations. Follow up with reminder calls, e-receipts, thank you letters and more.

Allow donors to self-schedule online.

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Track staff, volunteers, community service workers.

Easy punch-in, punch-out.

Optionally punch-in and punch-out via text-message.

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Drop-off Donation Tracking

Self-service kiosk for donors.

Reduce paperwork.


Know what you get and when you get it.

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Capterra Reviews
"Everything we need in one spot!"
"Excellent software for Thrift Store Management"
Let me be blunt: Michael and Corbin of ThriftCart have provided great customer service. We asked a lot of them, and they delivered not only during the transition period but afterwards too!!

Gordon Hoff

Head of IT at Hope Gospel Mission

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